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SAD: 8 Bus Disasters that shook Zimbabwe.

1.Nyanga Bus Disaster. Nyanga Bus Disaster that occurred on August 3 1991 when a bus which had Students and teachers coming from a sporting event...

Zimbabwe Dollar : Who Really Determines Exchange Rates On The Black Market.

As the Zimbabwean currency continue to experience a blistering fall in value the big question is who controls the Zimbabwean foreign currency exchange rates....

Why Pardon Gambakwe Wakes Up at 3am Daily – Prophet Advocate Joshua

Prophet Advocate Joshua said that he has been receiving messages asking why he is close to Pardon Gambakwe. He explains that Prophet Pardon Gambakwe is...

I lost both legs in a fatal accident, Life has never been the same-...

Benny Chetse from Harare told his heart breaking story about losing both legs in a fatal accident just when he was persuing his career...

Callisto Nyamute, Special Meat hitmaker says people are copying his style.

Zimbabwean Musician and “Special meet Hitmaker,” Calisto Nyamhute says that even though his style of music was different, some people still copy his style. The...

REVEALED : The Five Greatest Zimbabwe Players in South Africa Premier Soccer League

THE South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) has been home to many immensely talented Zimbabwean footballers throughout the years. Zimbabwean players have definitely added more...

Cde Fatso Explains Why Mnangagwa’ s Government is Afraid of A Coup

Cde Fatso of Magamba Tv says a coup might be underway to remove Zimbabwe's President Emmerson D Mnangagwa from power the same way Mugabe...

Tanzania is Constructing Africa’s LARGEST Hydro-power dam on river Rufiji.

Tanzania is building the $3.6 billion Julius Nyerere Hydropower Station it will create 5,400 jobs and produce 2,115MW of electricity under construction by two...

TRAGIC: From Millionaire to HOMELESS

Palesa Kambule now 40 years old grew up in Soweto and is the mother of 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

SHOCKING : Tawanda Nyambirai Hit By Streak of Bad Luck

AFM in Zimbabwe Reform Faction sponsor, Tawanda Nyambirai has been hit by a spate of bad luck in 2020.

AUDIO: Emotional Terence Mukupe Refuses To say if Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Impregnated his Wife

Former Zimbabwe Deputy Finance Minister, Terence Mukupe has refused to say if his wife indeed slept with Prophet Sheperd Bushiri.

PROS and CONS of Moving to Canada – By Tari

Canadian based Zimbabwean YouTuber, Tari, gives a breakdown of the Pros and Cons of moving to Canada. PROS Free Healthcare Tari says Canada has one of the...

Dr Thokozani Khuphe Did Not Storm Out of POLAD Meeting – Khaliphani Phugheni

POLAD Spokesman Mr Khaliphani Phugeni talks to Pardon Gambakwe about the recent reports about problems in POLAD. POLAD Structure Phugeni explains that POLAD has six committees...

NEW PROPHET MAKANDIWA SERMON – What Made Presidents become Presidents?

Emmanuel Makandiwa expains that Presidents are not necessarily the highest level. What then made the presidents to become Presidents? Makandiwa says there is a better...

Nelson Chamisa Panics, Approaches Zimbabwe Military For Dialogue

In a shocking turn of development, Nelson Chamisa made a surprising about turn on recognizing Mnangagwa. Chamisa was speaking  at his presentation in Mbare...



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Madam Boss Fears Her Husband Will Leave

Comedian and Socialite Tyra Chikocho popularly known as Madam Boss says she fears her Husband Ngoni Munetsiwa (Mhofela) will leave her due to social...

Why Terry Crews is Hated



CONGRATS: Tsitsi Masiyiwa Appointed President of Shuvu Africa

Heather Tsitsi Masiyiwa has been appointed president of Shuvu Africa. The Uri program is now offering scholarships for qualified individuals at https://af.shuvu.tv To support the...