Madam Boss mourns Glow Envy CEO, Rugare April M Ndoro

    Popular Zimbabwean comedian,  Madam Boss (Tyra Chikocho), today mourned the death of Glow Envy CEO, Rugare April Ndoro who died in Johannesburg today.

    Writing on Instagram,  Madam Boss said:

    Ndarwadziwa guys rufu harudaro mhani @glowenvy_zim shuwa here.

    Glow Envy is popular with many young Zimbabwean women has a large social media following.

    Besides selling creams and other personal care products,  Rugare was also a role model and an influential young businesswoman.

    In May this year, Rugare wrote on Facebook:

    Its my time

    Referring to the phenomenal success of her business.

    Family and friends wrote on Rugare ‘s Facebook wall, clearly grief-stricken.

    Her sister Gloria Ndoro wrote on Facebook:

    Baby Rugare, the last born in our family, just 29 years old, grabbed viciously away from us with C19.

    We tried our best. We got you the best medical care in Joburg, money can buy. We were there for you through and through but your Maker decided it was time to come back home.

    Rugare April M Ndoro I am beyond devastated. Where am I going to find the bandwidth to mourn you? You have broken my heart into little pieces. We understood each other, without a spoken word said. Oh no, the pain! It is excruciating.