Mystery as river forms overnight in Nyanga

    There was panic among villagers in Nyanga as huge rocks fell from a local mountain forming a river in Manyongo village.

    This is the third mountain in the area to tumble down.

    Speaking to Drewmas Media, Albert Nyakumera said after heavy rains fell all night in March, there was a sudden defeaning sound like that of an aeroplane, accompanied by a thick mist.

    In the morning, the villagers woke up to the stunning site of a new river in their midst. Huge rocks had tumbled down and were arranged in an orderly fashion at the edge of the village.

    Albert said surprisingly, the rocks appeared to have been moved from inside to the outside , forming a river.

    No one was injured in the latest incident.

    These strange events come after it was previously reported that a sea shall form between Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

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