Ms Shally, the manager of the late Ginimbi for seven years , has revealed that Ginimbi’s company was the third largest gas supplier in Botswana and employed over 100 employees.

Speaking to the ZBC, Ms Shally said Ginimbi was a business mastermind, who, although he was not highly educated, managed to set up proper governance and operational structures.

Ms Shally said the Genius ‘s level of delegation was so efficient that people thought he was unemployed.

She revealed that Ginimbi was a hard worker, a hustler and the brains behind all operations. He had gas operations in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

She revealed that the family is in mourning and is not focused on getting their hands on Ginimbi ‘s wealth.

Ms Shally said its untrue that Ginimbi left all his wealth to his sister.

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