A Delmus based Zimbabwean Prophecy – Madzibaba Enoch, has announced a stunning prophecy for Zimbabweans.

In an audio file whose date is not known, he said Zimbabweans in  SADC countries should leave and go back to their country.

A spirit of the mermaids from the west has been raised from the sea by false prophets and the underworld.

The Mermaid spirit is angry and the Zimbabeans will be fought. By mid October there will be a great fight against Zimbabweans in South Africa.

The fight will be against Zimbabweans.

The spirit of God is saying Zimbabweans should go back by October. If this does not happen there will be many Zimbabweans who can not get to Zimbabweans.

Buses will be stopped. Women will be taken. Children will be taken. Your wealth will be taken. You will be attacked in your own homes.

Children will not be allowed to leave.

Buses will be stopped and possessions taken.

All Zimbabweans in South Africa must come together.

Botswana, Zambia and South Africa will join in.

In Zimbabwe you will not be accepted because they will say you were sell outs.

This will happen before Mid October.

It will be difficult for Zimbabweans, Nigerians, Mozambicans and Pakistan will be affected.