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Cyril Ramaphosa Bodyguards In Trouble Again for Negligence

Sunday World reports that SA President, Cyril Ramaphosa, security is being blamed after the first Lady, Thsepo Motsepe, fell as she walked...

China Refused to Hand Over A Copy Of Coronavirus To the World Health Organization

China reportedly refused to release a copy of the Coronavirus to the Worl Health Organisation. Scientists in Melobourne, Australia...

29 JAN 2020 – American Companies Close China Operations

Thousands of companies from all over the world have banned travel to China over the worsening Coronavirus emergency in China.

She Resigned Her Dubai Job and Didn’t Get the New one for 8 Months

Watch and listen to Tessa as she explains how she resigned her job in Dubai with the hope of joining a new company. However, the...

22 People Being Monitored for Wuhan Coronavirus in Zimbabwe – 27 JAN...

Wuhan Coronavirus Daily Update 27 JAN 2020 Impact - 80 people have died- 3000 are infected.-...

Mthuli Ncube introducing $10, $20 and $50 Bank Notes in 2020

Mthuli Ncube has revealed that Zimbabwe has signed contracts with Ukraine and Mexico and maize will soon start arriving in the country. Ncube was...

BREAKING : Entire Russian Government Resigns

CNN reports that the entire Russian government has resigned. Prime Minister Medvedev said the resignations were to give Russian...

Iran makes first arrests for Ukraine Plane Downing

Iran has made the first arrests over the shooting of a Ukrainian airliner last week. The Ukraine International Airlines plane was brought down by...

BREAKING: Iran Admits Shooting Down Ukraine Passenger Plane

Aljazeera reports that Iran has admitted to shooting down the Ukraine Passenger plane killing all 176 on board. The plane down was shot down on...

WATCH: 10 Surprising Facts About Iran

Iranians are Persians, they are not Arabs! The population of Iran is 83 Million 70% of Iran population is under 30 ( Youngest...

USA, Canada, UK Believe Iran Shot Down Ukraine Airliner

CNN has obtained new video that suggest that Iran shot down the Ukraine Airliner that crashed in Tehran this week. The plane was reportedly...

BREAKING : Iran Refuses To Hand Over Ukraine Plane Crash Black Boxes

Iran has reportedly refused to hand over black boxes recovered from the Ukraine Plane Crash. CNN reports that Iran...

BREAKING : Ukraine Plane Shot Down In Iran

Media reports that an Air Ukraine plane has been shit down in Tehran, Iran. All on board are reported...

The Government To Import Electric Powered Vehicles

The Central Mechanical Equipment Department (CMED) together with the government are planning to import battery electric fuel. They say...

Watch: Passion Java, Bushiri and TB Joshua to Fight More In 2020 and 2024

American based Pastors, Henry and Monic said the Lord told them that he is going to expose many prophets like Java, Bushiri and TB...



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Chamisa Won’t sue Phugeni Over Tagwirei Landcruiser Claim

This weekend, while speaking in an interview on Gambakwe Media, Khaliphani Phugeni said Nelson Chamisa received a Landcruiser from Kuda Tagwirei.


I Have Found A Girl I want To Mary – BOSS...

Boss PUMACOL was at CentreStage where he had an interview with Chamvary at Power Fm studios yesterday. PUMACOL is a hip hop Zim dancehall artist...


Kembo Mohadi and Sibusiso Moyo Death Prophecy issued by Abraham Servant...

This week, Abraham Servant of God delivered what seems like a clear death prophecy for Zimbabwe Vice President, Kembo Mohadi, and Foreign...


Investec To Spin Off Asset Management Division in IPO

Investec yesterday announced an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for its Asset management division called Ninety One. 10% of the...