WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the revelations by popular Zimbabwean journalist, Billet Magara, who says inventor, Maxwell Chikumbutso is being held in a secret location by the Mnangagwa government.

Magara says Chikumbutso has been hospitalised four times and was at one time in a coma.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.


1. Zimbabwean President, ED Mnangagwa is holding Zimbabween inventor, Maxwell Chikumbutso hostage. Billet Magara, a popula Zimbabwean journalist, has revealed that Mnangagwa has Chikumbutso.
2. Chikumbutso is not being allowed to leave Zimbabwe and is being kept at a secret location by Zimbabwe state security.
3. Chikumbutso claims to have invented ways of powering devices without using any power, wind, solar or other means. Hie inventions include a water powered car and a TV that does not run on water.
4. Mnangagwa is claiming that Chikumbutso is being sought for assassination by Western governments.
5. Chikumbutso is reported to be in a coma or has suffered a stroke and has been hospitalised 4 times.
6. Mnangagwa must show proof of life of Chikumbutso.
7. Chiwenga calls for dialogue with Chamisa.
8. Chiwenga is very strong and is gaining traction.
9. Devices include cars that travel without fuel, TVs that power without
10. Lupane State University loses all data after a power outage in their Bulawayo server rooms. Since April 12, there has been no online availability of student and financial transactions due to students having formatted the routers.
11. National University of Science and technology students failing to access Internet as the Wifi is always down at the campus, residences and at the main Library.
12. Other universities such as Great Zimbabwe University are facing similar issues at their campuses.
13. Universities should immediately be allowed to use Starlink.
14. Three National Heroes to be buried this week. Tsitsi Grace Jadagu, Brigadier General Shadreck Vezha and Nash Nyasha Dzimiri to be buried on Monday 29 April 2024.
15. Zimbabwean business bodies have refused to use the ZIG. They have asked the government to accept ZIG first.
16. ZIG has been losing value and prices have gone up rapidly as civil servants have been swiping all the ZIG in the accounts fearing that prices will go up.
17. 65 illegal forex dealers denied bail. Police are indiscriminately arresting informal traders accusing them of being money changers.
18. The arrested were trading currency at the entrance of fast food outlets and were brutally beaten by police.
19. Police also seized their phones and checked transactions history.
20. Swedish Anika Johansson to provide a solar powered solar solution in Zimbabwe
21. Wesprop makes a profit of USD50 million in 2023. Value of Portfolio now at USD250 million.
22. MK party has won major court cases against the ANC. May 29 elections will be game changing for South Africa.