Rimo Jackson, the man who lived  and travelled everywhere with the late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, has given an interview to Techmag TV.

Here is how Rimo responded to questions:

You were the first person at the accident scene?

Yes, I got to the accident scene about seven minutes after it happened.

What was happening, were you guys racing?

We left the club together, driving seperate cars, when we got to Borrowdale road, Ginimbi sped off and I could not keep up in a Range Rover.

As I got to the scene, I could see fire from a distance. And then I saw his purple bumber on the road.

I thought it was something else happening. Then someone told me your friend had an accident and they had taken him out of the car.

They said let’s rush him to the hospital. So I parked my car by the side of the road.

I went to his body, he looked at me and then he closed his eyes.

The person who took him out of the car, he looked for a pulse, and I did the same, and there was no pulse.

After that I was in a state of shock.I just lost it, I didn’t know what to do.

So I took my phone out and was trying to dial an ambulance. I was dialing garbage, hash tags and stars.

A friend of Ginimbi who usually jogs on that road asked me if I had anything to cover him with, so I took my red gym pants and we covered him.

A lot of people had been at the scene taking pictures already. That’s when I called friends, workmates, relatives, the girls were still trapped.

The car had exploded mildly and the guy who was trying to help could not get the other people who were trapped in the car out as he burnt his car trying to assist.

The first person on the scene was my uncle and his wife and a relative of Ginimbi’s called Mike.

We were trying to disperse people from his body who were taking pictures. People were stopping to take pictures instead of asking how can we help.

It hurt me a lot that people were taking pictures. Mike rushed to the police so that we could remove the body as many people were taking pictures.

A lot of people came to the scene.

How Long Was His Body On the ground

It lasted for a long time and  remember the car was burning. The fire brigade actually came later after the car was out.

After the hospital, we left Ginimbi ‘s body at Nyaradzo.

Was there anytjing in the car that could have caused an explosion. 

I am not an expert in cars but, from my view, the impact was too much. When I got to the scene the wreck was something else. Nothing happened to the tree.

He didn’t hit the Honda Fit directly, he was trying to avoid it.

I believe the impact and the speed is what caused the fire.

People are Suspecting That You Caused the Death of Ginimbi

All I can tell you is that I pray that all those people who are writing those terrible things about me, are never in the position that I was in.

Did Ginimbi have a premonition of his death 

Here and there we would have a general conversation between friends about death but it’s not like he was planning for it, he would talk about what he would want to happen if he was to die, but it was normal conversation.

You and Ginimbi were both not married but lived together, what’s up with that?

Ginimbi had a certain lifestyle, look, he was my guy and I am not going to expose him on TV or whatever, but, he loved to have fun with no restrictions. So having a wife would slow him down.

Ginimbi was 36 years old, sooner or later he would have wanted to settle down. I have a daughter, you know. He didn’t have any children. I am sure he was going to settle down.

You do have a family life, did it worry Ginimbi that he had no one to inherit his wealth. 

We never had that conversation. If it bothered him, he never opened up to me. Ginimbi kept things to himself. As a friend, I would know there was a problem here and there and I would try to help as a friend.

He was a pillar, he didn’t want his friends, his relatives and community to ever think they would not count on him.

Was Genius not close to his Family.

Social media can portray a certain image of someons. Ginimbi did a lot for his family. His father would come and greet us. The time his father would see us is when we would go for training. His father would come in and greet us and he do his thing around the yard.

I don’t need to polish or marinate him, he is late now. With Ginimbi what you saw is what you got. Yes, there are situations where family argues and disagrees, but it was nothing out of the ordinary.

He went out of his way for his sisters, uncles, relatives, mom and dad.

Did his Father and Sister come and sleep here?

To this day, Ginimbi takes care of his sisters children, they lived here, they lived here, he lived with his sister daughter, she lives here, he pays for her fees at the UZ, he even bought her a car to go to school. A new shape Toyota Corolla.

Did Ginimbi Use Juju To Amass this wealth? 

Not Answered…

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