Australian based socialite Susan Mutami has advised Vice President Chiwenga’s ex-wife Mary Mubaiwa to confess.

This comes after Mubaiwa has been amputated for the second time and this time losing her leg.

Taking to X, Mutami said Mary called the trouble to herself after attempting to kill Chiwenga out of greed.

Susan added that she hopes Mary recovers and confesses the truth.

She said:

To all the young girls out there, never ever bite more than what you can chew. Some of us have learnt the hard way. Mary tried to kill her ex husband for the love of money, power and greed. A man that had changed her life and that of her family for the better. I feel for her as a woman.

@edmnangagwa is now out of site and she’s now suffering on her own.The Isaac Moyo’s are now no where to be found who conspired with her to kill her husband. Mukanya mudzimu wenyu wakasimba Mwari akuchengetai nekusingaperi.There’s a reason why you rose from the dead. To the Chinese Government you are indeed an all weather friend, for better or worse . All those that stole from the General no matter how much u get close to his wife, he knows who you are.

Mary I pray you heal and confess the truth. Genius Kadungure died a painful death,having a bomb planted in the boot of your car ain’t a joke, vana vevanhu vakabatanidzirwa mu cross fire. Buyanga is in prison as we speak. All you had to do was return what didn’t belong to you zve infidelity yako vanga vasisina basa nazvo. Get well soon.