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WATCH: Mary Chiwenga Now Showing Off Her Hands

Gambakwe Media takes a look at the latest pictures of Mary Chiwenga. She is clearly now showing off her healing hands. Mary's hands have been...

STRANGE RITUAL: General Chiwenga Afraid of Poisoning Spills Wine On Floor

Watch as General Chiwenga , afraid of poisoning performs a strange ritual. When the time came to toast wine, General Chiwenga, Instead of drinking his...

General Chiwenga Backs Down, But Wont Take Mary Back

Questions over STIĀ  and failed DNA test still unanswered General Chiwenga has agreed to settle his issues with Mary...

WATCH: Scary Mashurugwi saying Mnangagwa Will rule till 2030

Watch as scary Mashurugwi wielding knives and Machetes and big knives saying Mnangawga will rule till 2030. Mashurugwi have gone on a rampage across Zimbabwe...

Half A Million USD Maintenance For Mary Chiwenga

Mary Chiwenga following her divorce with the Vice President is claiming 500000 United States dollars. Following the history of General Chiwenga it looks like Mary...

SCARY PROPHECY: Mnangagwa To Be Held In An Underground Prison in 2020

Brother Jeremiah said God has shown him a vision that ED Mnangagwa will be held in an underground prison. Another person was in charge and...

Did US Ambassador Brian Nichols Ask For Nelson Chamisa POLAD Inclusion?

Zimbabwe government sources yesterday revealed that US Ambassador, Brian Nichols, during his meeting with General Chiwenga, requested for the inclusion of Nelson Chamisa in...

MILITARY : Why America’s Aircraft Carriers are Unsinkable

America has 12 Aircraft Carriers that are the size of 3 football fields and only required refueling every 20 years. The aircraft carriers can carry...

Is General Chiwenga Swelling Up and Sick Again

General Chiwenga has been seen recently in public as he executes his Acting Presidential duties. Many Zimbabweans have observed that he has gained a lot...

Watch: The Day Constantino Chiwenga Almost Lost His Life In A Suicide Attempt

In 1982, 26 year old Constantino Chiwenga miraculously survived a suicide attempt after he shot himself twice in the chest. Chiwenga was caught red handed...

General Chiwenga To Lose Big To Mary

General Chiwenga is likely to lose Big To Mary After his legal team responded with a very weak case to Mary's urgent court application...

We Will Fix The Zimbabwe Economy – Albert Matapo

Albert Matapo, Zimbabwe People Power Movement Leader has laid out his plans for fixing the Zimbabwe economy. Matapo explains...

WATCH: Zimbabwe To Be Split into 5 States – Albert Matapo

ALbert Matapo says Zimbabwe will be split into 5 States when the Zimbabwe People Power movement takes over. Matapo says Zimbabwe would have been better...

EXPLOSIVE : General Chiwenga Afraid of Witchcraft – Mary Chiwenga Court Papers details

Mary Chiwenga has taken General Chiwenga to court in an urgent chamber application for a spoilation order, return of minor children illegally...

Shocking Prophecy -Container With Guns For Mashurugwi Headed For Beitbriddge

A shocking prophecy from Prophet T Sawana has revealed that the machete group popularly known as Mashurugwi will become worse. This is because these people...



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Linda Masarira Accuses Winky D Using the State to Create Hype...

Linda Masarira Kaingidza said local musicians have become expects of creating hypes before album launches to attract more people. Her remarks comes after the launch...


PROPHECY – Apostle Vutabwashe Slams Zimbabwe Military over Mashurugwi

The bloodshed that is happening in Zimbabwe has reached extreme levels and there is nothing normal about this said Apostle Vutabwashe. In a recent prophecy...


BUSINESS: Aspens shares Jump 83% since August

Aspen Pharmacare shares have jumped 83% since August, according to a report by The Star. Aspen was trading at...