WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the exclusive prophecy by the Mapostori sects on the events that are about to happen in Zimbabwe.
According to the prophecy, Mnangagwa will be toppled soon and the next government will eventually give up after 7 consecutive years of drought.
Please watch the video above this post for more details.

1. Apostolic churches have warned Mnangagwa of an impending coup.
2. The coup will be preceded by and within 7 years of hunger.
3. The churches have told Mnangagwa that this prophecy was issues in 1933,1956, 1976 and 2023.
4. Tsvangirai was issued the same prophecy before the 2008 elections.
5. Mnangagwa has been warned that the coup will result in his death.
6. In 2017, the apostolic sects went around the whole country and made prayers around the country.
7. Legal resource foundation (LRF) has shot down after the Swedish embassy failed to renew their financial support.
8. Offices in Mutare, Masvingo and Mutare will remain open while offices in remote areas will be closed.
9. Thomas Chikanga(51) and Nomathamsanqa Nyathi (36) viral videos.