WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the announcement by Zimbabwe President, ED Mnangagwa, that he will no longer be seeking a third term. The announcement by Mnangagwa comes after the WICKNELL scandal that has seen the army going up in arms against Mnangagwa. Media reports indicated that the announcement follow widespread unhappiness in the military about Wicknell Chivayo’s business activities with Mnangagwa.

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Key events for today
1. Mnangagwa has announced that he will step down soon but has refused to name Chiwenga as his successor.
2. Mnangagwa has announced that the selection of his successor will be selected at the ZANU-PF congress in 2027.
3. Chiwenga and Tagwirei have been holding secret meetings over the past months facilitated by a general.
4. The police in Hwange have banned a protest against Victoria Falls Town Clerk, Ronnie Dube.
5. Police have told the Hwange residents association that the demonstration can not be allowed ahead of the SADC summit as it would be hijacked by malcontents.

1. Many people don’t understand what is happening in Zimbabwe.
2. Mnangagwa has been forced to address the succession issue by the army.
3. The Zimbabwe Military has become firm on Mnangagwa over the Wicknell Scandal.
4. Valerio Sibanda will soon be appointed into the ZANU-PF structures and is Mnangagwa’s preferred successor.
5. The next move for Mnangagwa is to remove Chiwenga, Kembo Mohadi and Oppah Muchinguri.
6. The Zimbabwe Independent reports that Tagwirei and Chwienga are now working together with an unnamed military general and both feel that Chivayo is misleading Mnangagwa.
7. Chiwenga and Tagwirei are said to have fallen out over a deal with Zunaid Moti at African Chrome fields where Chiwenga lost his shares, and Tagwirei was involved.
8. A memorial service has been held for slain Zimbabwean CCC opposition member Mboneni Ncube in Lower Gweru.
9. South African President, Cyril Maphosa’s seventh cabinet has a total of 75 cabinet ministers and their deputies plus support staff and will close over R1 Billion.
10. Ramaphosa’s GNU has 32 ministers, 43 deputy ministers


1. Chiwenga getting ready to take over as ZANU-PF President.
2. Wicknell Chivayo, Chigumba and Scott Sakupwanya are going to jail.
3. Dialogue should be next in Zimbabwe. failure to hold dialogue will result in national failure.