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Zimbabwe Couple Met on Instagram and Are Madly in Love

Chido Mashingaidze's and her boyfriend Fungai talk about their love relationship when they started dating. Mashingaidze said that they were following each other on social...

Watch: The Day Constantino Chiwenga Almost Lost His Life In A Suicide Attempt

In 1982, 26 year old Constantino Chiwenga miraculously survived a suicide attempt after he shot himself twice in the chest. Chiwenga was caught red handed...

Watch-General Chiwenga Not Well-“Face patched And Swollen”

Vice President General Chiwenga has Not yet fully recovered despite the recent routine checkup in China recently. The Generals face is still patched and swollen...

Watch: Innocent Woman Refuses To Be Freed From Prison

Gladys Chikukura who was convicted and sentenced to 6 years in prison for a crime she did not commit refused to be freed in...

Zimbabwe at number 13 of 22 voting standings for Miss Africa 2019 people’s choice

According to the people's choice category of Miss Africa votings, Zimbabwe is at number 13 of 22 with 118 votes. At the top is...

Rev Luce Natasha gives prophesy over Auxillia Mnangagwa

Reverend Lucy Natasha who visited Zimbabwe this week has prophesied over Auxillia Mnangagwa. Lucy says that God will send...

Exposed: How Douglas Mwonzora worked for General Chiwenga.

Douglas Mwonzora has been accused of working for General Chiwenga by Jealous Mawarire. Jealous says Douglas Mwonzora told him...

Ep 2- The true life story of Prophet Talent Madungwe

In this video episode, Prophet Talent Madungwe talks about his true life story. He talks about his calling and...

Jah Prayzah Suprises Fans With A New Music Video ft Mozambican Mr Bow

Jah Prayzah has suprised his fans who have been asking for new music with a video featuring Mozambican top artist Mr Bow. They teamed up...

Jackie Ngarande Gives Lorraine Guyo A Warning?

Beautiful with brains Jackie Ngarande has left social media users confused yet again with an unclear controversial post. Jakwe as she is called by her...

Zimbabwean Celebrities That Have Been Involved In Domestic Violence

Diyonne and Stunner Zaleekah Khan who was Anonzi Xndr's girlfriend at the time spilled the tea that Diyonne was in an abusive relationship with Stunner.Months...

8 Couples We Admired On Facebook But Never Lasted.

1.Zaleekah and Anonzi Xnder Zhaleekah Khan and Alexander Mutumwa were one of the HipHop Power Couples. They used to post each other and attended functions...

The Person Who Stole Prophet Twabam’s $20k Rolex Watch Exposed.

Social Media has been busy about who stole Prophet Passion's rolex watch worth $20 000usd. Prophet Passion had a busy weekend from his welcome event...

Matthias Mhere sold his wife’s reputation for fame

Over the years , celebrities have done stupid things to gain momentum and to be in press for wrong reason. Some artists usually resort...

The Inspiring True Life Story Of David N Mabambe- HIT Class of 2019 Graduate

Background Born - 29 July 1994 Education Primary Grade 1 - St Aidans Primary School (Chitungwiza) Grade 2 - 5 - Kundai Primary School (Glen-Norah A) Grade 5 - 6...



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Zimbabwe Billionaire Frank Buyanga Mother of Abducted Child Speaks Out

Chantell Muteswa, the mother of Frank Buyanga's child has spoken exclusively to Gambakwe Media and revealed how the drawn out custody battle with the...



ALL Dion Wired Shops Shut Down Today as Struggling Retailer folds

One of the biggest electronic goods store, Dion Wired is shutting down. 34 Dion Wired closed their doors yesterday, for good! Below is part of...