Ishmael Amuli father to the late socialite Moana has slammed Ginimbi Kadungure’s family for failing to console him over the death of his daughter.

Speaking to Hmetro, Amuli said he is still haunted by his daughter’s death. Moana died in a tragic car accident alongside Ginimbi and two others in November 2020.

“I am so saddened by Genius’ father Anderson’s arrogance not to come and pay his condolence message to me given my daughter Moana was killed while in the company of his son. She was at his Dreams Night club, so they are responsible for my daughter’s death”, said Amuli.

Ishmael said it is the duty of Ginimbi’s family to console him for Moana’s death, as per Aftican customs.

“So, because the Kadungures are rich, my child is nothing to them, it’s like I stay as far as Epworth or Bindura but we both stay here in Domboshava,” he said.