WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the reasons behind the unusual declaration of Shadreck Vezha as a National Hero. Vezha has been declared a National Hero and a combined parade will be held for him and three other officers at 5 brigade in Kwekwe today.

Gambakwe Media sources have revealed that Vezha has been declared a National hero because of his current role in the ZNA, where held the highest ranks and was involved in the country’s most top secret do or die missions, black ops and cross border operations.

The sources revealed that the Vezha was responsible for training some of the most competent special forces who specialise in armed combat, hand to hand combat and extraction.

Someone like Vezha would ordinarily not qualify to be a National Hero and the decision must have been made because of the suspicion surrounding his death.

State Media claim that Vezha was a military strategies as he joined the war in the late 1970s, although there is no record of him in the top ZANLA structures.

Brigadier General Shadreck Vezha died in the same accident with Major Thabani Ncube, Major Mqondisi Gumbo and Sergeant Learnmore Chakabaiwa when the soldiers were involved in a head on collision in a suspicious accident that was originally reported as an assassination attempt on Vezha.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.


1. The Vezha family were visited by ZANU-PF officials who advised them of the decision by Mnangagwa to declared Vezha a National Hero.
2. Chimera Gwatinyanya is a brother to the late Shadreck Vezha he thanked Mnangagwa for conferring the hero status.
3. Vezha’s family was living in abject poverty.
4. Ezra Chadzamira, Lovemore Matuke and Robson Mavhenyengwa attended the memorial service at the home of Vezha in Chivi.
5. Funeral parade and procession will be held at 5 Brigade in Kwekwe.
6. Information on Vezha is scarce. In 2020, Vezha was named in the Government Gazette as the executor of the Estate of Veronica Matake who died on 20 April 2006.
7. ZANU PF Mberengwa MP hamadziripi Dube recorded himself overspeeding at over 190km er hour before his death.
8. Fadzayi Mahere spent a few weeks in a leadership training in Rwanda. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was hosted by Rwandan President Paul Kagame.
9. Wicknell Chivayo’s bodyguards beat up touts at Mverechena Shopping centre in Domoboshava after they blocked his road demanding tool fees.
10. RBZ has closed the bank accounts of 11 companies that refused to accept ZIG.
11. Large number of illegal money changers have been arrested and are spending the weekend in jail.
12. The ZIG has been trading at up to 1:30 on the black market.
13. Collins Mnangagwa officially opens the ZANU-PF offices in Shurugwi.
14. Kapfupi and Bhutisi receive their Toyota Aquas from Wicknell Chivayo.
15. Tendai Chinoperekerwei met with Colonel Miniyothabo Baloyi at the Ministry of Defence Headquarters in Harare in April 2024.