WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the temporary pause of Auxillia Mnangagwa’a rallies which she has been embarking on over the past few months. Auxillia Mnangagwa appears to have ran out of steam and is no longer featuring prominently on the state media platforms which she had monopolised recently.

Mnangagwa is likely adopting a new approach where his sons will now be at the forefront of activities.

Kuda Mnangagwa has been uncharacteristically quiet during the launch of the ZIG.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.

Key Points from this video

1. Chamisa has issued his first full speech after a long time. He has indicated that action is following soon.
2. How will Chamisa translate his intentions into action as Zimbabweans have been ready for a long time to remove Mnangagwa.
3. Mnangagwa workers message was weak and failed to address the role of his government in the hardships facing Zimbabweans.
4. ZIG a disaster as reconciliation not done
5. No one knows how much has been changed from ZWL to ZIG
6. Unknown amounts in Ecocash and Inn Bucks
7. Dormant Accounts and suspense accounts not accounted for
8. Ghost accounts and balancing figures not audited.
9. Chiwenga returns from Iran with scholarships and free visas.
10. ZIMRA introduces the fiscalisation data management system for VAT. Fiscalisation is the transmission of transactions to the ZIMRA servers in real-time at the time of the transactions.
11. SADC Chair Elias Magosi met with Victoria Kwakwa at the World Bank Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington DC, United States of America from 15 to 20 April, 2024
12. SADC will face a crisis if Mnangagwa takes over as Chairman in August.
13. The Commonwealth has indicated that the Programme for Integrated Development and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Zambezi River Basin (PIDACC Zambezi) is being funded through the Climate Investment Fund’s Nature, People and Climate (NPC) Investment Programme.
14. Chiwenga returned from Iran with scholarships and a visa free agreement between Iran and Zimbabwe.
15. Chiwenga likely discussed military co-operation as Iran has an advanced Drone program.
16. Bulawayo CCC Mps have been arrested for defacing posters
17. Kuda and Sandra Tagwirei’s Arundel hospital carries out an outreach program in Domboshava with 15 doctors. The program to be rolled out throughout the country. Program is ran by Bridging gap Foundation.
18. Mai TT has broken down on LIVE stream After he deportation from the UK. This shows she needs counselling and is failing to manage her brand.
19. Zimpraise Ensemble performing live in the Harare Gardens on Friday.
20. ZAOGA music concert will be held at ZAOGA Braeside that will include artists such as Fungisai.
21. Keith Zenda’s portraits are amazing.
22. Buffalo Souljah out with a girl LOL
23. South Africa Post Office to retrench 4900 employees.


1. Auxilia Mnangagwa not able to sustain a prolonged fight with General Chiwenga.
2. Chamisa now ready to make a move.
3. The Reserve bank of Zimbabwe lacks capacity to properly audit the banks and the value of the ZIG will be heavily impacted by the phantom ZIG electronic balances.
4. The audits should have been done before the cut-over. a comprehensive report on the data migration should be presented by the RBZ.
5. The biggest problem is with the internal accounts of the bank where banks will use the change over to balance their books and recover loses.
6. Smaller banks are even worse.
7. A whole banking sector audit must be carried out.
8. Chiwenga’s visit to Iran shows that the relationship is not significant and focus should be on traditional partners like the EU and other Western countries. Iran is under western sanctions.