WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the commonly held belief in intelligence circles that Nyasha Dzimiri, the late National Director of investments in Mnangagwa;s office was assassinated.

Nyasha Dzimiri died suddenly in Harare on the 16th of April 2024. This is an eventful day on which another hero, Brigadier General Vezha also died.

According to confidential sources, Dzimiri did not die of natural causes, but was eliminated after a disagreement over various investments in Mnangagwa’s office.

Major events for today

1. ZIG notes and coins to start circulating today.
2. Black market rate to crash sharply today if money is not available in the ATM.
3. Formal way for retail to trade quickly through street bureau de change is required.

Yesterday’s important events

1. Heroes acre triple burial
2. Chwienga in Iran and second lady Miniyothabo not present?
3. Chivayo not present.

Topics in this video

1. Mnangagwa not in total control of the situation.
2. There are other strong players behind the scene.
3. Elimination will continue in the last days of ZANU-PF.
4. Dzimiri was in charge of most investments in Mnangagwa’s office that include ZANU-PF investments.
5. The creation of the Mutapa Fund has put a vast amount of wealth under Mnangagwa’s office and this is not subject to audit or Parliament.
6. Dzimiri was in charge of handling the portfolio of investments and was reportedly not buying into the new vision.
7. The History of Dzimiri shows that he was in the President’s office with Mnangagwa and trained together in China.

About Nyasha Dzimiri

Nyasha Dzimiri is a war veteran who was the bodyguard of Josiah Tongogara and was with Mnangagwa in China. He worked in Mugabe’s office at independence. He also worked at the RBZ and in the Airforce of Zimbabwe.

1. Born in 1958 in Shurugwi.
2. Dzimiri left Zimbabwe for Mozambique in 1976.
3. Nanking Military Academy in China in 1976.
4. Deployed in Gaza in 1977? Instructor at Chaminuka camp.
5. In June 1977 Dzimiri went to China for further training
6. Protection unit for Josiah Magama Tongogara.
7. Further training in Yugoslavia (Higher Military academy) where he trained in advanced military science.
8. In 1980, Dzimiri was the second in command at the Buffalo range assembly point.
9. In 1983, Dzimiri was attested into the President’s office just before Mnangagwa left the role in 1988. Sydney Sekeramayi took over after Mnangagwa left the office.
10. Dzimiri promoted to Divisional Intelligence Officer (DIO) in 1996.
11. 2011 Dzimiri was transferred to the internal branch and was appointed to Principal Intelligence Officer (PIO Mashonaland east Province).
12. From 2007 to 2015, Dzimiri was posted to the embassy in Havanna, Cuba as Liason Officer. On his return he was appointed Director – Counter Intelligence.
13. In 2018, Promoted to Director and re-deployed to the counter intelligence department.
14. In December 2019, Dzimiri was appointed specialised department dealing with investments.


1. Vezha was very high in the Zimbabwe military. The next burial will be notable.
2. Mnangagwa exaggerating his role on the formation of the CIO (1:13 facebook).

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