WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the address to the Zimbabwe staff college by David Kuda Mnangagwa on the Zimbabwe economy. Addressing the officers, Mnangagwa said the current economic challenges are not being caused by the Zimbabwe government.

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1. Kuda Mnangagwa has addressed military commanders at the Zimbabwe staff college. The Zimbabwe staff college is the first step before officers get access to degree courses that lead to promotion into higher ranks.
2. The Zimbabwe staff college was established in 1980 and provides advanced military training for officers in the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA).
Programs: The college offers a Joint Command and Staff Course, which equips participants with the skills and knowledge for senior command and staff appointments. The Zimbabwe National Defence University (ZNDU) oversees the ZSC. The ZNDU is a relatively new institution, formed in 2017 from the earlier National Defence College.
All military websites have been disabled ( However there are ways to get into it).
3. The new officers are not war veterans and are less likely to be politicised. The ZNA is on a path to professionalism.
4. The military will eventually intervene in the dispute in Zimbabwe.
5. Mnangagwa getting ready for a reshuffle. Government ministers have been stripped of their authority.
6. Mnangagwa told the commanders that the problems in Zimbabwe are not due to the government or private sector.
7. US embassy Harare and ministry of foreign affairs officials in heated meetings over deported USAID officials.
8. Zimbabwe government refused to comment on the meeting.
9. USAID ‘s Jessica Jennings revealed to the independent newspaper that the US embassy expressed to the Zimbabweans that their actions were a violation of diplomatic norms.
10. Brenda Lee Pearson, Norma Kriger, Sarah Logan and Loretta bass were deported 10 days after arrival in Zimbabwe.
11. The USAID staff are not spies.
12. ZBC asks employees to vacate Hartley House where they have been staying in company apartments since the 90s.
13. Former ZBC Director of marketing and administration, Onias Gumbo said he was instrumental in the establishment of a credit union where each employee would contribute monthly to the purchase of the flats.
14. Flats that were bought included Copper Queen, Dick King Didsbury, Sendton Court and Hatley House.
15. The employees claim they bought the apartment through a credit facility in the 80s.
16. Swedish ambassador pays a visit to ZANU-PF.
17. ZANU-PF has re-admitted Zivhu and Chombo is members.
18. IPEC rejects payment calculations by pension funds. Pensioners to be paid their money for the period before 2009.
19. Chemist Siziba laid to rest at Glen Forest Memorial Park in Harare with military honors – Newshawks
20. Lisa daughter of Madzibaba Ishmael was at court, she is the mambokadzi;
21. Ishmael Chokurengerwa’s bouncers are still at the shrine.
22. Ishmael Chokurongerwa claims he is an angel in a Norton court.
23. Madzibaba Ishmael is appearing for the burial of Hazel Chikunhire and Winlet Kabaya without burial orders at Plot 6 Lily farm in Nyabira.
24. Bulawayo to hold Day of prayer on 19 March,
25. Robin Vela issues statement on BDO statement.
26. Zimbabwean, Tawanda Chirewa (20) makes his debut for the Wolves in the EPL.