Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor John Mushayavanhu has sparked cotroversy on social media with his remarks on the newly introduced structured currency, Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG).

In a video taking rounds on social media, Mushayavanhu blamed the World Bank for misleading them on structured currency.

“We didn’t know much about a structured currency. We got a consultant from the World Bank. A lot of the things you’re seeing about the structured currency actually came from the World Bank”, he said.

This comes after Dr John introduced the structured currency, a gold-backed system designed to combat inflation, earlier this month.

Mushayavanhu said that he is not to blame for ZiG’s shortcomings as most of the input came from the World Bank official.

“So, if you’re going to blame me, you’re actually blaming the World Bank. Maybe they didn’t advise us properly. And if they did not advise us properly, it’s fine. Let’s refine it,” Mushayavanhu said.