ED Mnangagwa To Hold Empty Grave Burial For Robert Mugabe at National Heroes Acre?

Zimbabwe President ED Mnangagwa is engaged in a massive fight to avoid embarrassment by Zvimba Chiefs this week.

This is after Zvimba Chiefs have made it clear that they will respect Mugabe ‘s wishes that he should  not be buried at Zimbabwe ‘s National heroes acre.

There also Rumours that the Mugabe family did not want ED Mnangagwa at the funeral and Burial.

Other sticking issues include the request by the Zvimba Chiefs for Patrick Zhuwawo and his family to be allowed back into Zimbabwe from exile.

In response, ED Mnangagwa has agreed to let Patrick Zhuwawo  and Jonathan Moyo come back into Zimbabwe.

He has also chartered private jet to carry the family to and from Singapore.

As I mentioned last week: it is not possible in African culture for anyone to disregard the last wishes of a dying person.

ED Mnangagwa will therefore follow the direction of the Zvimba Chiefs and will do everything in his power to get their blessings.

It is becoming more clear that while pretending to be strong and in charge, ED Mnangagwa is actually on very shacky ground.

If the Zezuru tribe from which Mugabe comes feels that they are being sidelined, they are likely to continue being a thorn in his flesh.

There is also the likelihood of a Coup or an assassination attempt on ED Mnangagwa from within as Mugabe loyalists try to retain their influence.

What is likely to happen

There are three likely scenarios for this week

– Mugabe could be buried in Singapore
– Mugabe could be cremated
– The Zimba Chiefs could go against Grace and Robert Mugabe’s wishes and allow his Burial at the National Heroes Acre.
– A compromise could be reached and Mugabe’s body will be brought to the heroes Acre for a public Ceremony and then the actual Mugabe body would be buried at Zvimba, while an empty casket is laid at Heroes Acre.

Patrick Zhuwawo and Jonathan Moyo will never be allowed to stay in Zimbabwe as they Will be considered too dangerous  and could out maneuver ED Mnangagwa and result in his removal from Office.

Grace Mugabe will never be allowed in Zimbabwe as she has massive influence in ZANU PF and will seek revenge against ED Mnangagwa.