Popular UK based Zimbabwean influencer, Bertha Mukodzani, has shared her experience after visiting her home country for the first time in seven years.

Bertha said:

1. Book your flight in advance if you intend to travel during the peak period of December.

2. Bertha said you should plan for tour transport locally. There are many options like ca hire, taxis and buses. When chosing a bus, look for one that has more on board services.

3. There is plenty of accommodation, villas and Air bnbs.

4. Bertha said Zimbabwe is safe but there is a need to take care as there are unsavory characters like everywhere else in the world.

5 Prices in Zimbabwe are generally high. Most shops sell in USD, and it is important for you to have small denominations. You need to save up if you want to travel in Zimbabwe.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.