Powerful spirit medium, Kanozvara was killed at Rushinga pond where 8 prophets drowned

Locals in Rushinga have told Drewmas Media that the small pond in which 8 prophets drowned last week is a sacred place, where a powerful spirit medium, Kanozvara KaMoyo was overpowered and killed.

According to local residents, Kanozvara had a young brother, Vabvumbwe, who was in line to succeed him as Chief.

Kanozvara had inherited a wife,  Chimudukudu, who had two sons, Nherera and Mutsetemadze. She lived in Nyanhewe.

The young wife conspired to kill Kanozvara ‘s young brother, Vabvumbwe , so that her sons would be next in line to inherit the throne.

One day, when Vabvumbwe visited, Chimudukudu put poison into his food, which he ate. On his return to his home on the next day, Vabvumbwe died.

Through enquires with traditional healers, it was established that Chimudukudu was responsible for killing Vabvumbwe.

The community agreed to take revenge on the young wife and her sons.

Two men were dispatched to deal with the young wife and her sons.

On arrival, they found that the woman and her sons had fled. After giving chase and failing to find the culprits, the two men decided to kill Kanozvara instead.

They started to stab Kanozvara with their spears. However, instead of bleeding blood, Kanozvara was bleeding milk and did not die.

After many hours of stabbing  and Kanozvara not dying , the two men decided to cut off Kanozvara ‘s head. They threw his body into the pond and took away his head.

The whole pond turned white with the milk  that was oozing from the body of Kanozvara.

As the two men carried the head, they noticed that it was alive and not dead.

They took the head to a traditional healer, who performed a ritual. The head was then taken back to the body and reconnected using timber from the doors of Kanozvara ‘s hut, and he eventually died and was buried.

The traditional healer advised the locals to sacrifice a young virgin to the spirit medium, Kanozvara, so that he would rest, however, this was never done.

The incident happened in 1916.

Speaking to Drewmas Media, the local chief confirmed that the pond is mysterious and sacred and everyone knows its haunted by the spirit of Kanozvara.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.