Waitress who served Passion Java quits after huge tip

    Kimberly, the young waitress at 012 Lifestyle in Brooklyn who served Passion Java on the night that he spent R 1 374 945 on champagne has quit her job after a huge tip of R124 995.00

    Sunday Times newspaper visited the restaurant and spoke to another waitress, on condition of anonymity, as the owner has ordered staff not to comment.

    Kimberly was not at work on the day the newspaper arrived at 012 Lifestyle. She received the whole tip that was paid by Java.

    Another waitress revealed that Java’s aides called in advance to say they wanted Jay-Z’s Ace of Spades rose champagne.

    They added 20 bottles of Dom Perignon Luminous champagne and 50 bottles of Veuve Clicquot Rich champagne.

    Java told News24 that he had been in SA for a few days and wanted to have a fun night out as he has been blessed in his life.

    Java was celebrating the birthdays of friends Boss Lashaan and Joshua Muchena.