Greatman blames Teo Events over USD2500 debts

    Sunday Mail newspaper reports that popular musician, Greatman Gwaze, and his wife, Silibaziso Masara, have been left with debts of over USD2500 after wedding organizer, Teo events, disappeared with money and gifts raised at the wedding.

    Teo Events has promised to go LIVE on Facebook today to set the record straight.

    The couple and their family is currently under siege from service providers that are collectively demanding more than U$2 500.

    Greatman told the newspaper that:

    “TEO has failed to provide a financial statement or receipts showing how funds were used. Up to now, I don’t even know how much money we got from various people, including pledges and goods. We have been kept in the dark,” fumed Greatman.

    However, Matthew Mhembere of TEO Events is not taking the accusations lightly.

    He instead considers Greatman and his family ungrateful.

    “They now want to ask how much money we got from donations and pledges, yet they don’t even care about the expenses I incurred in making the event a success. Besides, it is not my responsibility to meet their debts.

    “They were all there when I paid all the wedding costs that came under me. What else do they want? Anyway, I don’t want to talk to them anymore. I have since blocked their numbers. I don’t wish to talk about this subject anymore,” said Mhembere.

    Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Mail newspaper – 13 February 2022.