Prisca travels to Binga beach

    Watch as Zimbabwe YouTuber, Prisca Ruvimbo travels to Binga beach.

    Binga beach looks beautiful and is mostly deserted.

    She says her trip took 11 hours instead of the normal 7 hours after she had a tyre puncture and because of the bad roads.

    Eventually she arrived and passed through the Binga Creative Centre where her tyre was patched.

    Prisca says Binga is really hot and she spent quite a lot of time indoors at Masumo lodge where she stayed.

    Prisca went on a boat cruise for USD90 on the Zambezi river, which is the fourth largest bin Africa.

    On her return to Harare   Prisca says there are four routes from Binga Beach and she eventually used the Masumo, Lupane – Kwekwe -Harare road.

    Please watch the video above this post for more details.