Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to Circulate ZW$50 Bank Notes as From 7 July

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has confirmed that it will circulate the ZW$50 bank note as from Wednesday, 07 July 2021.

The Reserve bank released a statement confirming its move to circulate the much anticipated notes.

The ZW$50 bank note was issued on 6 July 2021 through Statutory instrument 196 of 2021.

“The bank shall release ZW$360 million through the normal banking channels and banks are expected to fund their respective accounts held at the Reserve Bank and collect cash from 7 July 2021,” said Mangudya in a statement.

The introduction of ZW$ 50 bank note comes after citizens stopped using bond coins, specifically the ZW$1 bond coin and the ZW$2 bond coin.

It also comes at a time when other citizens are refusing to accept ZW$2 bank notes.

Read the statement attached to the story.