WATCH Live as Gambakwe looks at the impending clash between Mnangagwa and Zimbabwe banks that are refusing to transact in the new ZIG currency. Zimbabwe banks are telling customers that they are having challenges changing over their systems from the ZWL currency to the new ZIG currency.

The headline for today is the death of 4 SADC soldiers who were killed in DRC after from a motor bomb fired by rebels. Three were seriously injured. The deceased soldiers are from South Africa and Tanzania.

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1. Zimbabwe banks have been refusing to issue the new ZIG currency. RBZ, Police and FIU has been deployed to deal with retailers.
2. Shops and vendors are refusing to accept the old ZWL currency as there is no Rate.
3. The ecocash system is reflecting balances but is not transacting. NSSA has stopped payments to pensioners. Zimbabwe Stock exchange (ZSE) has rebased and is now showing ZIG balances.
4. The Zimbabwe government has set the rate at 1 ZWL to 2500. The new ZIG currency will start circulating on 30 April.
5. Massive losses to occur as Bank loans which were at 120% interest rate are now at 20%.
6. A new culture is needed in Zimbabwe banking sector.
7. Massive job losses are coming to the sector.
8. The revenue in Zimbabwe banking is from unethical practises. This has taken away money from the productive sectors.
9. The RBZ has been complicit.
10. The next step is to put cash in the ATMs.
11. The RBZ Governor should insist that cash only be withdrawn from ATMSs.
12. Bankers Association of Zimbabwe President Fanuel Mutogo has refused to say what is happening.
13. Belson Chamisa has opened a new WhatsApp channel.
14. Blessed Mhlanga to interview Tendai Biti on the ZIG
15. Chibaya and 25 CCC members appear in court for chanting party slogans in Budiriro. Police agree that there was no violence on the day and there were no complaints by members of the public.
16. Over 160km of the Victoria falls Bulawayo road has been washed away.
17. Tourists failing to access the roads.
18. Tourism in Zimbabwe now confined to the Victoria Falls.
19. Businessman, Ishmael Matyenyika., accused of abusing his wife’s sister since she was 11 years old.
20. Shingirai Chichoni speaks after the death of Yoalanda Hodzi, a 19 year old woman who was crushed by a falling building in Harare CBD.
21. Bulawayo City Council to reposses 6 houses in Makokoba that are being rented by illegal tenants.
22. The father of Emmanuel Sitima, ZINASU President passed away early this week and was buried in Mabvuku.
23. Jacob Zuma to know today if he can be South Africa President again.
24. Plain clothes South African Policeman shoots dead traffic officer Nombulelo Mthimkhulu after her 17 year old son, Yolo, was chased home for a traffic offence after an altercation in Dobsonville, Soweto.
25. Zimbabwe government criminalises the deliberate infection of a partner with HIV or STIs..