WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the bizarre case in which a cryptocurrency Zimbabwean professor, Prof Sheperd Sikhosana and his wife Sekayi Aldepha was kidnapped in South Africa. The case which involved Russian Billionaires.

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Key events yesterday

1. Chiwenga meets with the SADC executive secretary, Elias Magosi in Harare.
2. Zimbabwe military has issued a statement on the circulating letter on their letterhead.


1. Zimbabwean Billionaire, Professor Sheperd Sikhosana, together with his wife Sekayi Adelpha Sikhosana, owned cryptocurrency worth USD60 Billion.
2. Liam Evans, the owner of a South African crypto revovery company, Falcon Gold Digital Forensic and Recovery Services, hired an armed robber, Moses Nhachi Chademana, to kidnap the Professor, soon after Liam recovered the coins on the professor’s behalf.
3. On 13 May, Five black and two white males kidnapped Prof Sikhosana while three of the men went to Pretoria to get his wife, Sekayi Aldepha SIkhosana. They drove the Sikhosanas to the Beitbridge border where they were taken to Zimbabwe without going through immigration procedures.
4. The Sikhosanas were kept at St Tropez Apartments and were warned not to try and contact their relatives as they were being looked for by Russian hitmen. Their phones were switched off.
5. The relatives in South Africa made a police report.
6. On 18 May, Chademana forced the couple to switch on their phone and communicate with their relatives and assure them that they were fine. Dr Sikhosana used the opportunity to send a location to his relatives who then gave it to detectives in Harare.
7. Chademana appeared at the Harare Magistrates court facing charges of Kidnapping and impersonation on 21 May 2024.
8. Chademana and another man took the Sikhosanas to Harare where they were booked at Apartment 10, Tropez Flats, Eastlea
9. Mushayavanhu says blames banks and Zimbabweans are not going to the banks to take the ZIG which is the banks (17:21).
10. Skeptical Zimbabweans are refusing to take the money.
3.RBZ issues instructions that only a card with one’s name can be used to swipe ZIG. This follows massive black market activities in which Zimbabwean banks are dumping ZIG on the black market.
11. Zimbabwe Land Commission Deputy Chairman Abdul Gabriel Credit Nyathi has died
12. Chiwenga meets with the SADC executive secretary, Elias Magosi, The SADC heads of states will be in Zimbabwe starting on 17 August and will be holding public activities on 18 August.
13. ZIFA divided over the return of former Highlanders coach, Baltermar Brito as Zimbabwe Warriors coach within 16 days of the next match
14. Highlanders have hiked the cost of a match ticket to $5 from $3. VZIP tickets are $20.


1. Something strange about the Zimbabwean crypto Billionaire’s kidnapping.
2. The couple and the Crypto recovery company will have to answer more details on what actually happened and where the USD 13 Billion came from.
3. Zimbabwe, South African and international security services are likely involved in this case.
4. Its important to keep one’s crpto currency safe.