Zimbabwean activist, Fadzayi Mahere has given the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe 11 suggestions for successfully launching a currency.

This follows the failure of the new Zimbabwean currency, the Zimbabwe Gold (ZIG).

Writing on Facebook, Mahere said:

Dear Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe,
1. Please hire a Comms team asap.
2. Part of fostering confidence is having timely, reliable and accessible means of informing the public in advance of key developments. Use official RBZ channels for updates. Don’t bury key information in a random link. Don’t let polarizing social media trolls be first with important news.
3. Your sensitisation efforts have been inadequate. The public are confused. Day 1 of the currency that you said would come into effect immediately and banks, payment platforms, mobile networks and businesses are a flurry of confusion. You need to step up.
4. Use all languages. Make adverts. Address stakeholders. Get a social media manager. Remember that over 61% of the population live in rural areas. Persons with disabilities must also be catered for. Include everyone.
5. Make sure all addresses by the Governor and live-streamed on your channels and key news houses. Make sure your presentations are also aired on the public broadcaster and on radio.
6. Use infographics. Most people won’t read 100 pages. Summarize your key points in simple lay language that ordinary people understand. Avoid jargon in public communication.
7. Use technology. Set up a WhatsApp bot to address frequently asked questions, give updates and give access to key documents and legislation.
8. Don’t be defensive. Most people are curious and have questions. Respond to concerns. Don’t avoid or gaslight. Set up professional platforms for engagement.
9. Manage your optics. It’s not a good look to have the Governor’s first speaking engagement charged in USD when it’s meant to explain and promote a new currency.
10. Be inclusive. Charging USD100 to unpack a monetary policy statement that has wide ramifications for every person, rich or poor, is not a good look. Take explanations to the public.
11. Avoid ambush. Give fair notice. Engage stakeholders before making policy. Get feedback on realistic timelines for implementation so that you’re not changing timeframes a day after announcement.
All the best.🙏🏽