Movement for Democratic Change Alliance Acting President Welshman Ncube says the Alliance is ready to resolve the problems in the country through a peaceful dialogue.

In an interview with South Africa eNCA, Welshman said the only thing that can take the country forward is when all political parties engage in a peaceful dialogue.

Speaking on the arrest of MDC A activists including the party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere, Ncube said levels of repression by the government are extremely worrying and they are widespread across the country.

He said there were no protest nor violence of any sought by civilians on the 31st of July except the one perpetrated by the military and police against a few people who attempted to demonstrate in their local areas.

Ncube said the march was arranged in attempt to fight corruption and the plight Zimbabweans are facing under the current regime.

Welshman said Mnangagwa and his government have failed to address the economic crisis hence people have a right to protest rather than watch their livelihood being eroded day by day.

Ncube said the government of Zimbabwe believes in rule by cohesion rather than rule by consent thus Mnangagwa’s regime is worse than that of the late President Robert Mugabe, it is incompetent, unable to manage the economy of the country, unable to define any policy, options.

He added that the only thing that Mnangagwa is excellent in is repression of the people and cohesion.

Ncube said the leadership of the SADC and the African Union have not engaged the opposition on how to deal with Zimbabwe’s situation.