WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the first public appearance of Mnangagwa with his sons Sean and Collins Mnangagwa at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair. Mnangagwa was flanked by Zimbabwean businessman, Wicknell Chivayo, who is seen as a front for the twins.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.


1. Mnangagwa showed off his 38 year old twin sons ahead of the opening of the ZITF by the Kenyan President William Ruto today. The opening was delayed by one day. The ZITF is doing well
2. Mnangagwa has been promoting his sons in government positions, with their mother Auxilia, taking them on a business trip to Belarus in 2023.
3. Sean has been appointed to a senior position in the military, the Presidential Guard, while Collins has been involved in Gold mining across the whole country.
4. Wicknell Chivayo’s role as a funder comes after he won a huge lawsuit against ZESA in December, where the judge ordered the state owned company to pay him over $28 million although he has not delivered on the contract.
5. Mnangagwa’s strategy is to leave one of his sons as the next President of Zimbabwe, while taking control of the military and ZANU-PF.
6. However, the moves by Auxilia Mnangagwa have been resisted within ZANU-PF.
7. The military will never accept the Mnangagwa sons to take over.
8. Chiwenga is very strong in the military and has started making the necessary moves.
9. Chamisa launch still on track.
10. Insiza meeting might not go ahead if police clearance is not obtained.
11. Mt Pleasant and Harare East by elections will be taking place today. ZEC has established 106 polling stations for the by-elections.
12. David Coltart attends state banquet by Mnangagwa. This is an acceptance of Mnangagwa as President.
13. Linda Masarira has been hospitalised and is life support after the Murambinda Independence celebrations.
14. Obert Gutu has move to the USA?
15. CIO Farai Simudzirai killed a fellow police officer, Priviledge Hove in Karoi on 21 April.
16. Beit Bridge Foreign Currency Dealers remanded in Custody.
17. SADC Meets Chinese Embassy Officials in Gaborone
18. Tanzania celebrates 60 years of independence.
19. Mutare woman Fungai Chimbiti, who has been married to Raxton Mutamiswa for the past 10 years appeared before Chief Mutasa after she dated her tenant, Kudzai Mutasa, brother in law. The chief has ordered Mutamwisa and his sister to bring test results for STIs after fining the lovers three beasts and Fungai to pay a beast to her sister in law.
20. POTRAZ conducting workshops on the data protection act


1. Zimbabwe on the verge of a major change, starting in ZANU-PF
2. Mnangagwa trying to prepare a path for his sons.
3. Zimbabwe has massive potential if the currency problems can be addressed.