Zimbabwean businessman,  Mudiwa Hood, has accused Zambian activist,  Joseph Kalimbwe of begging him for money.

Writing on C, Mudiwa said:

Dear Mentee

Do not be like Joseph Kalimbwe…

He forgets easily that for months he has been on my case, asking for a loan from this same person who he is posting, and provoking, without the myself, having said anything at all about him.

The only few times i spoke to Joseph, was in my dm, and on Whatsapp call , he was asking for help, he asked me to help him with a few other things i cannot disclose as well as capital to start a fishing  business.

He asked for all these, for months, he told me he is failing to make ends meet and even if i start helping him with a small loan of a very insignificant amount.

I wasn’t keen on helping him after doing a research that wasn’t so pleasing about him being a sophisticated con artist.

I am just not petty…i would have posted the conversation here with Joseph but it is not my thing.

Remember Joseph, you even said i can send you with mukuru, or world remit because you have no PayPal!

With all humility Joseph, i have more money, i am more resourced, more educated, while allowing me to be a little petty, i am better looking and I also have more followers than you here on X.

By any measure young man, old man or grandfather,  whatever you are, forgive me your looks are confusing…

I am miles ahead of you Joseph,may be a small advice that will help you in future, wanza mvura pamuviri sane(make it a habit to love bathing 識 ) and tsvaga mari usiyane nezvakawanda wanda izvi.(shut up and make money)

Stop SOWING divisions between Zambia  and Zimbabwe  WE ARE ONE PEOPLE!

I tried to look for your best picture Joseph…