WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe speaks after the graduation of 182 military cadets at the Zimbabwe Military Academy in Gweru yesterday. Over 70 trainee officers dropped out of the 21 months course for various reasons since the group started training in July 2022. Originally the course had 220 recruited.

Mnangagwa and Auxilia were presentation at the event.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.


1. General Chiwenga tours 17 hotels that are undergoing renovations.
2. Mnangagwa presides over Officer cadets graduation at the Gweru military academy.
3. Previously, the most prestigious military course in Zimbabwe recruiting directly from A’ Level students countrywide.
4. Officer cadets also used to have opportunities to train in different countries such as UK, China and Russia in specialised courses.
5. Officer cadets were the pride of Zimbabwean parents, seen as a viable opportunity for a stable life long career.
6. Working in the Zimbabwe Military has since became less attractive due to various reasons. The course is failing to recruit despite the reduction of entry requirements.
7. Currently only 17 Cadets have gone to receive specialised training. Specialized training includes operating submarines, drones, medical, engineering and participating in space programs.
8. Sheperd Hapaori walked away with the Presidential award
9. Low salaries, poor morale and politicisation of the Zimbabwe military has made the gadget program a less viable option.
10. The Ministry of Defence is failing to provide adequate incentives such as housing, transportation education and specialised training.
11. Godfrey Tsenengamu back in ZANU-PF. This is in preparation for the coming changes.
12. Lamborghini-pushing dealer Patrick Mutenha, also known as Chimpa, was arrested by detectives from CID Vehicle Theft Squad today accused of fraud and extortion linked to sale of dodgy high-end vehicles. He was handcuffed and taken away in leg irons. Chimpa has been evading arrest since Friday when three cases were reported against him.
13. Munyaradzi Chikasha of Cottco has been arrested and was granted $100 bail at the Harare Magistrates court.
14. Uebert Angel faces arrest after plot to assassinate Apostle Batsirai Java has been exposed.
15. Rev Forbes Matonga says the United Methodist church has removed the incompatibility clause. This means the church can now ordain anyone. African branches were opposed to the amendment.
16. Paul Tungwarara of prevail drilling/Paulos construction commissions four solar powered boreholes in Guruve.
17. 35 year old Mutare based Zimbabwean DJ Paul Tigere (DJ Touch) has been missing since February 12 2024
18. Mutare family has had a death in March every year for the past 14 years. Abisha Kanjanda accuses James Kanjanda of causing the death. James Kanjanda does not attend any of the funerals.
19. Schools in Manicaland rejects ZIG payments. They claim their systems have not synchronised.


1. Zimbabwe military needs to improve conditions of service.
2. ZIG heading for a spectacular failure as it is not getting wide acceptance.