Married Ireland based Zimbabwean socialite Ketina Annaniah Masomera has done the unthinkable after explicit videos and pictures of her started circulating widely on Zimbabwe whatsapp groups yesterday.

The pictures and videos are so graphic and of such a high quality that this will rank as the most graphic leak ever in the history of Zimbabwe.

Made up of close to 10 different videos and pictures, Ketina is first seen dancing in front of a mirror. She then moves to a different location where she totally reveals herself to the world.


It was later revealed that the photos were leaked by a man called Gordon.

In a later video, an unapologetic Ketina is seen on her social media pages asking the person who leaked the content if they were now happy and if they are now rich after exposing her.

An audio was also made available on social media revealing more details about the story.

Ketina is a well known figure in Ireland where she is a hairdresser. She is followed by hundreds of thousands of Zimbabwean women and has carved a niche among diaspora women who consider themselves independent and opinionated.

Ketina is reportedly married to an Irish man and has 3 kids of her own, including a teenage boy.