Joseph Guti has been installed as the new Chancellor of the Zmbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU).

Guti was promoted at the institution’s 8th Graduation Ceremony where 432 graduates were capped.

Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University was founded by the late ZAOGA founder and national hero, Professor Ezekiel Guti.

Government has implored the education sector to transform society, as 432 students graduated from the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) this Friday.

ZEGU’s 8th graduation ceremony saw Dr Joseph Guti being installed Chancellor of the university in a move welcomed by the government and the ZAOGA church this Friday.

“I am not a stranger to the University. I was here in 2010 as a Coordinator and was Founding Vice Chancellor, so the main thing is to perpetuate the legacy of our founder, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, of building a total person,” he said.

432 students graduated in various disciplines ranging from Masters degrees to diplomas.