WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media looks at the developing concern within Zimbabwe’s security structures over the actions of Zimbabwe First Lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa.

Military sources have revealed that there is concern among top generals that Auxillia is increasingly destabilising the ZANU-PF party with her nationwide rallies that are disguised as cook-out competitions, charity events and tourism activities.

Auxillia has been on a Blitz that has seen her criss-cross the whole of Zimbabwe meeting young people, women groups and university students in a program that is seen as being a campaign for one of her sons to take over as Zimbabwe President.

In the latest incident, police have been forced to withdraw charges after scores of villagers were arrested during one of Auxillia’s forced rallies where villagers are not allowed to leave.

Auxillia is seen as leading a faction that is trying to outsmart ZANU_PF Vive President, General Constantine Goveya Chiwenga, who is next in line to be Zimbabwe President after Mnangagwa’s term comes to an end in 2028.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.


1. Auxillia Mnangagwa is now seen as a destabilising factor with influence over ZANU-PF, Ministries, parliament and the military. Auxillia is extremely unpopular in ZANU-PF and among security structures.
2. Military even more alarmed when Auxillia started attending ZANU-PF central committee and politburo meetings and now being consulted on key national and security decisions.
3. Auxillia Mnangagwa has been called to order over the arrest of the 9 villagers who spent two nights in remand prison on her orders.
4. Two ZANU-PF factions now battling it out in Parliament where Mnangagwa’s son Kuda Mnangagwa and Ziyambi Ziyambi are rumoured to be preparing to pass a vote of no confidence in speaker, Jacob Mudenda.
5. Mudenda is reported to be a Chiwenga supporter and was reportedly saying Mnangagwa would soon be pushed out.
6. Military bosses are reported to be pushing back and are firmly behind Chiwenga’s incoming presidency. However, Mnangagwa has placed one of his other sons in a senior position in the army. Mnangagwa recently retired 7 generals.
7. Amin Mhaka has been arrested and is detained at Highlands police station in connection with the circulating of Fifi’s pictures.
8. Zimbabwean police being deployed without uniforms, shoes and weapons. Junior officers arrive at parade wearing civilian shoes.
9. Body of Zimbabwean businessman Evans Katumba has been found in KZN, South Africa. Katumba was kidnapped on 22 March 2024. Katumba was involved in the fuel and entertainment business.
10. The kidnappers were paid R1,5 million but still failed to release him after he was kidnapped.
11. Katumba, popularly known as Vardy, recently bough a night club Yugo nightclub, where rapper, AKA was supposed to perform before he was killed.
12. ZIG crashes on the black market. Ecocash and swipe now being used for black market transactions.
13. There is no current formal way for retail to trade through bureau de change.
14. Businesses in shops depressed.
15. Mbudzi interchange grinds to a halt as property owners were not paid after officials embezzled the money meant to pay them off. Currently, 10 property owners are still not paid.
16. Police have been deployed to chase forex traders from the streets.
17. Two young men who beat up a police officer have been arrested.
18. SADC loses control of their Facebook page in the DRC war
19. Over 200 000 women now on HIV Prep across Zimbabwe.
20. Injectable Prep now available at selected centres all across Zimbabwe that are under the Zimbabwe Ministry of health.
21. Jacob Zuma has a new wife and child. Thuli Madonsela says South Africans should not vote for Zuma.
22. Jordan Zemura no longer coming to play for Zimbabwe after questioning Mapeza’s methods