WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at another big week for Zimbabwe with three major events lined up. On Monday, there will be the burial of three National heroes, while on Tuesday there will be the launch of the new ZIG currency notes and coins. Mid week, Opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa ‘supporters will be hoping for further direction after the successful launch in Insiza.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.


4. Chamisa ‘s blue movement had a successful rally in Filabusi, the administrative centre for Insiza on Sunday 29 April. The focus is preparation for the new elections.
5. This is the beginning of the launch with Chibaya being introduced as the organising secretary.
6. Ostallos explained that the focus is on the Presidential elections and not on parliament.
7. Chibaya, Ostallos and Dubeko addressed the crowds.
8. ZIG notes and coins to start circulatingon Tuesday.
9. Demand for USD has gone up massively resulting in the collapse of the ZIG on the black market.
10. Wicknell Chivayo causes divisions in ZANU-PF.
11. Auxillia tried to use the British Ambassador for propaganda at the ZITF.
12. 8. Peter Vowels showed surprising alertness and did not eat the food that he was handed.
13. Instead he gave it back to the people that handed it to him.
14. Durban Actor Anthony Stnier arrested in an International police operation two children removed from his home.


1. The blue movement is very strong and Chamisa is maintaining his support. Zimbabwe is heading for a long period of change.
2. The change will not come from an election but through a transitional structure.
3. Chamisa under perssure to provide direction.
4. If there is no formal way for retail to trade there will be no future for the ZIG.
5. Mnangagwa preparing the way for his sons using Chivayo.