Infamous Zimbabwean millionaire, Wicknell Chivayo had an interview on Capitalk radio station on  12 February 2024.

Here are the top takeaways from the interview.

Wicknell said he makes his money from engineering and construction through government tenders.

Wicknell said his being wealthy is not about the business that he does, but about the blessings that he received from God.

Wicknell said his father was a gambler. He would wake him up in the morning to pick numbers for him. One day his father won and bought a car from his winnings.

Wicknell said his father, Isaac Chivayo died in a car accident in 1990. In 1996, Musanhi who owned buses called him to come and work for him as a wages clerk.

Wicknell said would go to Mbare bus terminus where he would supervise the drivers for the Mount Darwin route.

Wicknell said he grew up in an environment where he got a lot of assistance from strangers, including the later Air Marshall Josiah Tungamirai.

Wicknell said Alex Mashamhanda of Mashwede helped him to pay school fees. Mashamhanda had a company called M&H and he would give him three blank cheques to buy unforms and pocket money.

P.J. Nyamasoka also assisted him.

Wicknell said sometimes his fees would be paid for by four people.

Wicknell said he does not believe in disrupting people’s lives, he believes in upgrading them by giving them cars. Wicknell said some people have never driven a car for over 50 years. he gave one such man a ford ranger.

Wicknell said he gives cars to members of his church that come regularly. He asks his church leader, Katsiru, to show them those who are deserving.

Wicknell said he has bought Marondera  prophets houses and cars.

In 2012, Wicknell said he brought the idea of solar energy in Zimbabwe.

Wicknell said he is a proud ZANU-PF supporter. He said even his wife, he has told her to support ZANU-PF. Wicknell said even his father was a ZANU-PF supporter. He said he does not believe in the opposition.

Wicknell said he gives musicians cars because they are committed ZANU-PF supporters.

Wicknell said thousands of people ask him for help. He said his phone was put on social media and now people call him every second asking for money.

Wicknell said he prefers peoplewho approach him with tact and he is always willing to help.

Wicknell said he has sent students to Turkey and Australia.

Wicknell said his wife does not necessarily understand when he gives money. he bought her father a car.

As a ritual, Wicknell said he was asked to sleep in a mountain in Murehwa and he was told that he would be a billionaire. As part of this ritual, he was told to continue giving.

Wicknell said he does not want people to tell him what to do with his money. He is not going to take the place of the government.

Wicknell said he would never work for gvoernment because he hates bureacracy.

Wicknell said he did not buy Levels a car when he bought for Fantan because he has not seen levels working hard at ZANU-PF rallies. Wicknell said he will be meeting Fantan this weekend and will buy him his own Mercedes Benz.

Wicknell said he wants to be remembered as a man with love. he said a prophecy was made in 1994 where it was said that he would buy 3 million members of the church each a car.