WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the detailed financial statements that were released by Ostallos Siziba yesterday in defence of accusations that donor funds were misused:


1. Pictures of Chamisa’s new house and other transactions to be leaked soon.
2. Allegations about Chamisa receiving funds from the RBZ have been made.
3. Various allegations have been made to donors about how Chamisa used funds
4. The conversation has moved to funds.
5. A spreadsheet has been produced of funds donated by members
6. Amounts shown as USD 105 000
7. Ostallos accused of using the funds to buy a house in Sandton and a GD6 vehicle
8. Chamisa is the ultimate target.
9. Chamisa and Mnangagwa Tweets.
10. ZCBC slams Mnangagwa.
11. Hwende and the former executive now going for the jugular.
12. The plan is to show that some donor funds were not accounted.
13. Chamisa Tweeter account being controlled by fired people.
14. 13. Mnangagwa in Dubai
15. Mnangagwa tours Dubai Security operations centre
16. Video attached.
17. Paddington Japajapa has been released from jail.
18. No update on Munyaradzi Kennedy Mwedziwendira case