Meet Slice Pizzeria owners, Xolani and Anita Dube

Meet our power couple Mr Xolani Dube and Mrs Nomagugu Anita Alwande Dube from Bulawayo owners of Slice Pizzeria.

Slice Pizzeria was officially opened in Bulawayo on 20 October 2013 by Dube family when they were back from diaspora. The first shop was open at the corner of Five Street and 12th avenue which was recently refurbished.

They have now expanded and opened another new outlet along Joshua Nkomo street between 3rd and 4th avenue.

Last week I visited their recently refurbished 12th avenue outlet for lunch. I was shocked with amazing international standards i saw at that shop. All their pizzas are cooked to perfection in stainless steel in the brick ovens. The level of cleanliness in that shop it is out of this world. This amazing couple is really taking multi national fast food giant head on.

I have preached the gospel of supporting our local businesses, this will benefit our people. The brand Ambassador of Slice Pizzeria is Ndebele Sandra.