Zimbabwean Marjorie Ngwenya to join the Prudential Regulation Committee in September

Marjorie Ngwenya will join the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Committee on 5 September 2022, commencing a three-year term.

Marjorie will be replacing Norval Bryson as an external member.

Marjorie Ngwenya is a British-born, Zimbabwean-raised actuary who has been appointed a member of the PRC which supervises banks and investment firms.

In an interview on SABC, Ngwenya said she is pleased by the qppointment adding that she is looking forward to the challenge.

Marjorie said her new role is going to require being really immersed in policy making and her contribution comes from a deep financial services background, predominantly in insurance mostly spent in the UK, Canada, Netherlands and in South Africa.

Ngwenya said she never saw herself as inferior because of being black instead she kept pushing on doors that present and try to see what’s behind them, but it’s not been without challenges.