WATCH as economist, John Robertson speaks to Trevor Ncube about business, life and politics.

– His mother ‘s maiden name McDonald, she started a very successful construction company that built the bigger part of Bulawayo.

– Rhodesian government was supportive of business, the new government has demotivated business because of poor policies.

– Wealth is not the money, its the knowledge about how to make money.

–  The new government has a belief of re distribution of wealth instead of creation of wealth.

– The Zimbabwe government is trying to take control.

– Governments all over the world are not good at this.

– The Reserve Bank should have a local currency that is acceptable for foreign currency.

– There is too much arbitrage opportunity.

– People are taking the easy way of making money.

– Only 100 people are benefiting from the arbitrage and this must be brought to an end.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.