WATCH : ZANU-PF responds to USA position on Zimbabwe sanctions

Dialogue is a two way process.

ZANU PF South Africa spokesman, Kennedy Mandaza, says ZANU-PF feels vindicated by the UN Special Rapporteur, Elena Douhan, on Zimbabwe sanctions.

Mandaza said it is now clear to the whole world world that Zimbabwe is not the perpetrator.

Mandaza said sanctions are causing untold suffering among ordinary Zimbabweans. He welcomed the recommendation by Professor Elena Douhan for dialogue among various stakeholders.

Mandaza said President Mnangagwa has created the POLAD platform where all political players are invited to come in.

Mandaza said there are some in the opposition who are putting conditions before they join POLAD. He urged these parties to see dialogue as a two way process and give way on some of their demands to give dialogue a chance.

USA position on sanctions

Mandaza said he is disappointed that the US representative to the UN, Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield commented on the report before she read it.

He said the response is to be expected because the USA has been found on the wrong.

Actions going forward

Mandaza said Zimbabwe will continue to use local resources to develop the country and also to work with regional partners and China.

Mandaza said the USA can also be taken to the International Court of Justice for them to remove the unilateral sanctions.

Patriotic Act

Mandaza said ZANU-PF will be using its majority in Parliament to pass the Patriotic act that will punish those that bring sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.