Wife’s boyfriend slaps Bulawayo man, gets Stabbed three times

A  Bulawayo man, Darlington Sambo, is languishing in prison after he stabbed his wife’s violent boyfriend, Trust, three times with a kitchen knife in a fit of rage.

Narrating his story to Tete Tilda, the Darlington said neighbors warned him that his wife was dating Trust takibg advantage of his lobg absences.

Darlington, who was employed as a driver, worked out of the area, and left his wife to live with his grandmother.

One day, Darlington said he came back unannounced and found his wife not at home.

He followed her to the Pumula shopping center and saw her walking with Trust, holding hands.

Trust ran away and sat on top of a high wall.

Darlington said he decided to drink beer with friends.

After a while, the Trust came to where the Darlington was drinking and slapped him hard on the cheek.

Darlington said out of anger, he ran home and armed himself with a kitchen knife.

On returning to the beerhall, he stabbed Trust three times.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.