Apostle Chiwenga has revealed that he admires Joshua Maponga’s views on Africans still being colonized by whites.

“I admire this Joshua Maponga guy who used to be a member of SDA. As a pan-African he has very sound arguments and very sound observations on what is wrong with African communities and African people. The inferiority that we don’t want to speak our language, we want to associate with europe or west. Everyone who is considered successful is supposed to be staying in Europe or linked to Europe or America,” said Apostle Chiwenga.

Apostle Chiwenga further revealed that our grandfathers and grandmothers had ways to examine their daughters to makesure that they have not lost their virginity.

However he further said all these practices are now considered uncivilized due to white dominance.

Apostle Chiwenga however said he doesn’t agree with Joshua Maponga when he says christianity and the Bible are tools to colonize Africans.

“He is wrong when he starts to talk about God, he talks about decolonising christianity and he also talks about preaching the black jesus. He talks about the bible being an instrument of colonizing Africa,” said Apostle Chiwenga.

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