Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has criticized businessman Wicknell Chivayo over his extravagant spending on vehicles.

Chivayo has been distributing a number of cars to ZANU PF affiliated artist through Victor Matiyenga of Exquisite Car Dealership.

Taking to Facebook, Chamisa said: “GO AND SEE VICTOR…Jesus Christ is the true VICTOR. Seek Christ. Him Alone should be exalted. Depend on Him. Depend upon the true VICTOR. He conquered the world.

“Christ’s victory is over sin and death. There is folly of dependence upon man. Men are feeble and fickle. Only Christ is an all-sufficient and eternal refuge-The true Victor! Isaiah 1:11, 22, Heb. 2:14, 1 John 3:8).Blessed Sabbath.#SabbathGrace #Godisinit”