MDC actvisit Tungamirai Madzokere revealed that his wife left him  after being jailed for a long time.

He revealed this when he was addressing a news conference in Harare.

He said he does not blame his wife for leaving because he was away for a long time.

Madzokere opened up that his wife was supportive when he used to be jail, she used to visit him but when he came out she was gone together with their children.

Tungamirai Madzokere  was charged with 20 years in Chikuribi maximum prison for murder.

An online Facebook page, Zimbabwe politics, revealed that Tungamirai ‘s Wife is now married to popular MDC Alliance member, Paul Madzorera’ s cousin.

While Madzokere was in prison he managed to study public relations and he also went on studying for an honours degree in development studies.

He also managed to write 2 books while in prison and he’s concluding the third on.