The Business Maverick reports that Zimbabwe Billionaire, Strive Masiyiwa, has been accused of stealing a medical app by a someone he worked with and personally talked to on many occassions.

The co-founder of PocketPatientMD and Health Status Report (HSR), David Rice, said he had discussions with Cassava Fintech starting in 2018 under an NDA.

However, Masiyiwa went on to present the same idea to the African  Union without involving Rice, claiming the idea as his own.

Masiyiwa is now denying that he ever discussed the idea with Rice.

Rice showed the newspaper an NDA between the two parties, however, it is signed by him and not by Masiyiwa. He says the NDA was insisted on by Cassava.

Cassava responded by saying:

“From the information in our possession, it is clear to us that Mr Rice and Mr [Mark] Wien [co-founder and CEO of PocketPatientMD] have no other interest in this matter but to attempt to extort money from Cassava FinTech and/or Mr Masiyiwa”.

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