South African based Zimbabwean Prophet, Jay Israel (Real name Jacob Dube), yesterday explained how he received Super powers in Ghana.

Dube Said he was born in Bulawayo before moving to Harare to start a church.

When he was turning 19, Dube said he met a man called Enoch on Facebook, when he was a young pastor in Zimbabwe. At the time, he was being supported by a wealthy family in Harare.

He said after talking for a while, he asked the man to come to Harare. Enoch told Dube that his church would be as big as that of Makandiwa and Uebert Angel.

They travelled together from Harare to Ghana where he was taken to a place, where there were a lot of children who are used for human sacrifices

On arrival in Ghana, He was taken to a witch doctor by Enoch. Dube said he was told that he first needed to be protected.

The witch doctor gave him protection by cutting him with a razor blade and putting a think dark liquid in the cuts.

After that they washed him and then sacrificed a dove and smeared him. With the blood.

After that he was introduced to a God called Atovi. He was told that he would now worshop that God from that day onwards.

He was told to kneel down and worship. Dube was given a horn and was told to take the horn to Zimbabwe.

The horn had something fresh inside it. Before every service, he was supposed to put the fresh blood of a chicken or dove into the horn.

Dube said he believes that if he had continued he was going to end up doing human sacrifices.

Dube said he continued sacrificing and was now tired of sacrificing chickens before services. The people he bought Chickens from started asking why he was buying so many chickens.

Dube said there was a rule that no one was allowed in his bedroom. There was a demonic Bible that he was supposed to read, and other books of meditation and how to manipulate people.

In East London, there was a service called Do As I Say Service. In this service he gave everyone a red towel, whatever he told the towel to do, it would do it. If he wanted someone to give him their car, he would use the do as I say powers.

There are so as I say towels, oils and soaps. No matter how much people would fight, the followers would never leave. The power that works behind makes these people stay.

There were words he was given to utter when he arrived in church…

When he went to East London, his church grew and grew. However, there was no spiritual growth for the members.

Dube said he would appear in people ‘s dreams.

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