Dr Shingi Munyeza, Founder at Borrowdale Community Church Faith Ministries, said ZImbabweans are cowards who are cowering in foreign countries because they claim that local politics is dirty.

Dr Munyeza said Zimbabwe’s politics has been brutal, with abductions, shootings and beatings. He said Zimbabwe’s politics needs to be cleansed of its bloody nature so that good men can rise to the top.

Dr Munyeza said as we head towards the 2023 elections, the few good men are no where to be found. The evil men are already putting in place plans for their dirty games.

He said it is important that good men rise up and take their place in Zimbabwe’s politics.

Dr Munyeza said Zimbabweans did not do the proper thing in 1987, 2008, 2017 and 2018 and hence we have a government that is making people poor, is brutal and oppressive.

Dr Munyeza said Zimbabweans have outsourced their destiny of to dirty, brutal and evil men.

He urged Zimbabweans from across the globe to come and contribute and be loyal to the vision of Zimbabwe.

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